The first week of our new series, The Journey: Lessons from the Life of Abraham at Hope Community Church on October 28/29, 2017 with Mike Lee.

Four things we can learn from Abraham's life of faith:

We need to hold everything loosely.

We need to see the goodness of God.

We built altars.

We acknowledge our brokenness. 

God's great longing is to bless the world, all the people and all the families of the earth.

One of the reasons Abraham is able to trust God for the journey is because he's convinced that God is a God of blessing.

God is looking for people who are honest about where they are and willing to start from that point on the journey. 

Life's major pursuit isn't the journey to knowing one's self - it's the journey to knowing God.

You'll never really begin the process of coming to know yourself until you begin the journey of coming to know God.